The Moon Landing Hoax: A Vintage Conspiracy

In 1969, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration done what civilisation had dreamed about for centuries, they gave humans access to the moon. Or, as the age old conspiracy goes, maybe that’s what they wanted us to believe. The moon landings are arguably one of the greatest scientific achievements in modern history. Through years of hard work and research from some 400,000 employees, NASA successively launched the Apollo space mission, and with the placement of the US flag on outer space soil, permanently marked their place in history. However, this placement may not always be for the reasons they wanted, … Continue reading The Moon Landing Hoax: A Vintage Conspiracy

The Galapagos Affair: An Island Scandal

The Galapagos Islands are a chain of Islands found off the western coast of their owners, Ecuador. Although when many of us picture ocean islands, we imagine sunny skies, blue seas and coconut cups, this was far from the what the Galapagos had to offer. Instead, the islands were rocky, dark and dusty. Not exactly exciting right? Well, during the 1930s, the island of Floreana would play host to an unusual group of individuals, who brought with them events of scandal, affairs, and you guessed it: unsolved murder. Adam and Eve: The Island’s ‘Founders’  In 1929, Dr. Friedrich Ritter, and … Continue reading The Galapagos Affair: An Island Scandal

Somerton Beach: A question answered with a question

Picture the scene: a warm November night (in Australia, for those confused by the use of ‘warm’ and ‘November’ in the same sentence). A young couple are taking a romantic walk along Somerton beach. They take in the sights, the sea, the sand, the drunken man pasted out in their path. Well, at least they had assumed him to be drunk, given the fly’s floating around him and his relaxed sitting. However, come December, the couple and indeed the rest of the world, would learn that the man the young couple had pasted was not in fact a drunk, but … Continue reading Somerton Beach: A question answered with a question

Bella in the Wych Elm : The hand of Glory

Now I am completely aware that the title of this post appears as through we are about to sit down and read a fairy-tale, I therefore regret to inform you, that there will be no princesses, nor frogs in this story. Instead we will dive into a war plagued Britain, where in the sleepy village of Hagley, lies an Wych Elm. The Elm is where our story begins and sadly does not end, as the body of a young women was discovered, yet who she is, and why she was there, still remains an unexplained mystery. The atmosphere of Hagley … Continue reading Bella in the Wych Elm : The hand of Glory